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We contract with home builders as well as provide services directly to homeowners. Whatever your electrical needs, C&C Electrical Services has the team to complete the job. Some of the projects & services we offer include, but are not limited to:

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How Do Unlicensed Electricians Affect Consumers?

Not only can hiring unlicensed electricians negatively affect your experience as the consumer but it can incredibly dangerous to your home or business. Most of the time, these improperly or unlicensed electricians, are just too lazy to obtain the proper license.


If they aren’t too lazy then it means they don’t have the correct skill set or education to be granted a license. Either way, you do not want this person to be working on your home or business. Many times these unprofessional electricians are not only not licensed but usually don’t carry the correct or any insurance for their work. If they mess up your home or business, you will be on the hook to pay for it and the repairs needed caused by the damage.


Because you most likely already paid the electrician to do the work, you most likely won’t win a case in small claims court and also have to deal with the effect on your homeowner's insurance. There are many, many, nightmarish stories on the internet of this exact scenario happening to homeowners all over the nation. Just give it a quick Google search!

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